Passport Cover, Vegan Leather, 10 Colors

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Brand: Apple Road

Color: Light Blue


  • DURABLE ANIMAL FRIENDLY PU LEATHER protects passport and travel documents from rips, tears, and other damage while travelling.
  • TRAVEL SAFELY: Discreet book type cover protects you from being targeted by those looking for US citizens, particularly during international travel. Secure slip-on cover means passport is not required to be taken out for inspection by customs agents.
  • 10 COLOR VARIATIONS make it easy to identify individual passports for family members and those travelling in groups.
  • SLEEK MINIMALIST DESIGN: Eliminates bulk and allows for easy storage. IDEAL SIZE: 5 1/2" x 4" x 1/4" - Fits all ISO7810 ID-3 standard passport sizes, including USA, UK, Canada, and EU.
  • DESIGNED in the USA and SHIPS only from the USA.

Details: Made from ANIMAL FRIENDLY vegan leather, the APPLE ROAD PASSPORT COVER protects your passport while also protecting you and your loved ones from being targeted for carrying a specific country's passport. This is of particular importance when travelling internationally. No one will see your nationality except for the customs agent you hand your passport to, so your privacy is preserved. Only the word 'PASSPORT' appears on the cover.

10 DIFFERENT COLORS allow you assign a different color for each person in your group. This allows large groups to be organized by the color of their passport cover. It also gives family members an opportunity to personalize their individual passports with the color of their choice.

This item ships only from the USA.

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