Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Organizer

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Product: Jaimie Jewelry Hanging Organizer - Portable Design (Home & Travel) - Magnetic Trifold Holder - INSTANT Visual

Brand: Jaimie

Color: Royal Purple


  • PORTABLE DESIGN (Travel Ready) - Jaimie Jewelry Organizer's portable design is ideal for both The Home & Your Weekend Getaway. The Magnetic Latch Trifold design folds up compact, and makes it convenient to take your jewelry collection with you on all of life's adventures.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Jaimie is the Highest Quality Jewelry Holder your hard earned money can buy. The heavy duty honeycomb fabric & transparent windows are similar to materials used in travel luggage, which means it's extremely STRONG & tear RESISTANT. Jaimie can support your heaviest jewelries & accessories.
  • GET ORGANIZED - No more digging. No more searching. No more forgetting. Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Organizer gives you an INSTANT visual of your entire collection, and makes it EASY for you to decide what to wear. There is nothing better than always having the perfect accessory for that perfect outfit.
  • MULTIPLE POCKET SIZES - Jaimie Travel Jewelry Organizer has pockets of varying sizes, so you can fit all of your accessories, big or small. Use it for rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, headbands, earrings, rings, makeup, and more. Pockets line both the front and back of the Jewelry Organizer to maximize storage.
  • PROTECT & SECURE - Jaimie Jewelry Organizer PROTECTS your treasured accessories from scratches or nicks. The durable zippers SECURE your investments and prevent them from falling out, regardless of whether you are at home or on the road.

Publisher: Jaimie


Is your desk a battlefield of jewelry, so much so that you don't even know if the desktop really exists anymore?

Are you looking for a Space Saving or Travel Ready solution for your accessories?

Tired of going on an Easter Egg Hunt through your boxes and drawers, every time you need to put on jewelry?

***Jaimie Jewelry Organizer is made JUST FOR YOU

Portable Design
- Compact trifold magnetic latch design is ideal for both the home & your weekend getaway.
Highest Quality - Support your heaviest jewelries with strong & tear resistant 420D honeycomb polyester and 30C transparent PVC.
Get Organized - No more digging, searching, forgetting. Have an INSTANT visual of your entire collection.
Pocket Sizes - Varying pocket sizes to fit all of your accessories, big or small.
Protect & Secure - Protect your accessories with individual compartments, and secure them with durable zippers.

** Trifold Magnetic Closure

The magnetic closure instantly snaps in place, so you can easily fold and unfold Jaimie Jewelry Holder. There is no need to tie or button up anything. Just snap or unsnap and go.

** No More Tangle

Individual compartments with durable zippers means NO MORE rummaging through Jewelry Box with everything all tangled up. Find what you need instantly.

** Space Saving Design
Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Organizer takes minimal space in your closet or luggage. Hang it flat or pack it up. Zipper pockets will keep everything secure and safe.

** Product Specs

Unfolded: 22.2" x 10.2" (56.5cm x 26cm)
Folded: 8.3" x 10.2" (21cm x 26cm)

UPC: 739189385591

EAN: 0739189385591